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Image for Spanish photographer wins world press photo award 2011 (12 images)

Spanish photographer wins world press photo award 2011 (12 images)

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Samuel Aranda wins the 55th edition of the annual awards, based in Amsterdam where the exhibition will run until 17 June. The Spaniard, who won 10, 000 euros and a Canon EOS Digital SLR Camera and lens kit, is joined in this image gallery by some of the best of the other award-winning European photographers

Samuel Aranda, Spain, for The New York Times

'A woman holds a wounded relative during protests against president Saleh,' Sanaa, Yemen, 15 October. Of the 57 photographers of 24 nationalities who ran in nine themed categories, the Europeans came from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Russia, Spain, Sweden and the UK

Yuri Kozyrev, Russia, Noor Images for Time

'Spot News Singles' awards winner: 'Rebels in Ras Lanuf', Libya, 11 March

Niclas Hammarström, Sweden, for Aftonbladet

Utøya, Norway, 22 July

Alex Majoli, Italy, Magnum Photos for Newsweek

'General News Singles' award for 'Protestors at Tahrir Square react to president Mubarak’s announcement not to step down', Cairo, Egypt, 10 February

Paolo Pellegrin, Italy, Magnum Photos for Zeit Magazin

'General News Stories' runner-up for 'Tsunami aftermath', Japan, April

Tomasz Lazar, Poland

'People in the news singles' runner-up for 'Arrest of protesters in Harlem, New York City, during a demonstration against police tactics and income inequality', New York, USA, 25 October

Ray McManus, Ireland, Sportsfile

'Sports singles' runner-up for 'Scrum half, Old Belvedere vs. Blackrock', Dublin, Ireland

Damir Sagolj, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Reuters

'Daily life singles' award for 'Picture of North Korea’s founder Kim Il-Sung on a wall in Pyongyang', 5 October

Ton Koene, The Netherlands

'Portraits stories' runner-up for 'Recruits at police training centre', Kunduz, Afghanistan

Vincent Boisot, France, Riva Press for Le Figaro Magazine

'Arts and Entertainment singles' for 'Dakar fashion week, model poses in Yolande Mancini’s design', Senegal

Rob Hornstra, The Netherlands, Institute for Artist Management

'Arts and entertainment stories' for 'The Sochi Project: Sochi Singers'

Laerke Posselt, Denmark

'Portraits singles' for 'Iranian-born Danish actress Mellica Mehraban'