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Image for spain in crisis: homeless in alicante

spain in crisis: homeless in alicante

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Five years after the onslaught of the crisis


The young Romanian holds up a sign: 'Please help me, I am hungry. I don't have a job, I am looking for work'. Alicante, Spain

Francisco and his dog Manyi

'We're asking for your help to eat. Thankyou'


remains of the 'property bubble'


'Dearest European neighbours: I am sorry to inform you that the crisis in Spain does not have anything to do with the crisis in your countries. Our case is not simply rooted in 'structural problems', as it were, but literally in cement,' stated a cafebabel article from 2011 

skeletons of the crisis

After the real estate boom, many buildings across Spain remain half-built


Roberto de Elche, an unemployed lorry driver who now lives on the streets of Alicante, shows us his license


Volunteers from the 'Ola de frio' ('cold wave') campaign bring food to Alicante's homeless people. Francisco lives in an ATM booth of the Santander bank



Uberto from Madrid found himself unemployed only recently. He waits in line outside the Caritas association, whose 'Saint Nicholas' project provides sandwiches and drinks in Alicante

10. Obreros en lucha

Teka workers gather infront of Santander bank on the 4th day of protests by the ERE, which will affect 198 workers. 

11. Cama improvisada

A few cardboard boxes and some blankets are used as an makeshift bed for someone who sleeps on the streets of the city of Valencia.

12. Gheorghe 

Gheorghe Dumitru, a street musician from Romania, earns a living by playing music on the streets of Valencia.

13. Hogar 

A homeless person sleeps in an abandoned warehouse. 

Translated from La crisis española. esto también es la ue