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Soviet spirit comes back to its square in Vilnius

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As some of you know, a monument to Vincas Kudirka, the author of the Lithuanian anthem, was recently unveiled in the Municipality Square. Apparently, there was previously a statue of some soviet general. Some people have already noticed that the statue rigorously follows the 'best' characteristics of soviet ideological sculpture.

The author I referred to above claims that the statue reminds him of young Lenin. He ends his opinion piece by encouraging to stop defacing Vilnius and kick the spirit of Lenin away from the city.

I don't find anything outrageous about the statue :) The way the square is designed now is absolutely surreal and surpasses all parodies. Precisely the things which are created in order to be dead-serious can cross the limits of absurd in such a way as to make them pleasurable. The piece of stone behind Mr. Kudirka has the lyrics of the Lithuanian anthem and emits green light when it's dark.The monument, which was built to cater for national(ist?) sentiments, now embodies the pathetic efforts of Lithuania to reproduce itself as a patriotic (the writer) yet ultra modern (the green glow a la 'Matrix') and, no no, not-post-soviet-at-all country.