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Songs from the Sziget Festival

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This month saw the return of the Sziget Festival, one of the biggest music festivals in Europe, and cafébabel's team in Budapest was there soaking it all in. They made us this playlist of some of their favourite tunes from this year's festival.

This year was cafébabel Budapest's seventh Sziget Festival, so now we have a kind of routine. But there's one thing that we forget every year: the European Meeting Point (where we set up our tent) is really close to the Main Stage, so we get to hear all of the music - whether we want to or not.

Our job starts before most festivalgoers wake up, and carries right on through to the evening, so we have to have a lot of energy for these long day. And the best way to wake ourselves up is by dancing.

With that in mind, we prepared a playlist to show everyone what we listen to when we work, when there is a concert on the main stage, when we go to another stage together, or when we just having fun after an exhausting day.