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Something's stirring between Turkey and the EU

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With the chimes of the new year, it looks like there is progress on the EU membership talks for Turkey. Has the time come to get things moving? Latest titbit news from Brussels

A group of socialist MEPs have just come back from Turkey, where discussions were held with the authorities and the opposition concerning the new chapters that Turkey want to open in their membership negotiations to join the EU.

(mage: PES)Martin Schulz, spokesman for the socialist group in the European parliament, has said 'it is very important for us that the aim of the talks be full EU membership for Turkey.' That's quite a different stance to what the German chancellor,a  conservative, says. With crises ranging from gas, the 2008 summer war in Georgia and the as-yet unresolved Cyprus issue, Turkey could be in a position to demand an acceleration of negotiations.

Translated from Algo se mueve entre Turquía y la UE