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Slow start after a long night of discussion

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Brussels - Stella Willborn, Graziella Jost

The arrival of the states this morning took several hours. Most of the leaders wrapped themselves in silence. Others such as Alfred Gusenbauer, Federal Chancellor of Austria, and Hans-Gert Pöttering President of the European Parliament, were feeding the journalists with some commonplaces.

„We are confident that we will reach an agreement later“, Gusenbauer stressed out. Pöttering made a reference to religion while responding to a question of a German journalist if Poland will join in. „I am Christian like others countries are as well. I believe to come to a decision today“.

Alfred Gusenbauer chatting with journalists

Apart from what is happening outside, the Council is filled with journalists being busy with producing words, films and radio statements. Luckily there are enough working stations that are each equipped with a phone and plug-ins for the laptop.

As there is no written agenda for today it is a lottery to find out when and where there press briefings will take place. The only chance to figure is chatting with other – more experienced – journalists. Going for lunch right now will be a good opportunity!