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Slovenia gets thinking: man's attitude to animal

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'Man – animal to man' was a two-day project in Ljubljana on 29 and 30 November 2010, organised and run by the student association of culture studies, A series of lectures, art and theatre workshops, film screenings and debates were all dedicated to investigating man's attitude to animal. Extract from Ljubljana city blog

The conclusion and definitely one of the highlights of the project was a social night at the Café of the Slovene Ethnographic Museum where the participants got to see the final product of the two-day long theatre workshop – a short play, hear the winning student fable and had a chance to make donations to the animal asylum in Maribor in exchange for hand-painted T-shirts made by the participants of the art workshop.

Read the full analysis of the event, 'Man - animal to man', by Barbara Polajnar and translated by Natalija Majsova on the official city blog from Ljubljana

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