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Image for SleepWalkers and TudengiPaevad Together in Soprus

SleepWalkers and TudengiPaevad Together in Soprus

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Next Monday and Wednesday, an appetizer of POFF will take place in Soprus Cinema in Tallinn The 10th edition of together with the Tallinn Student Days are about starting a joint series of event while approaching to the traditional beginning of PÖFF Festival that this year will take place in the PÖFF Student and Short Film Festival Sleepwalkersnew Nokia Hall.

The first appointment is for Monday the 28th, when will be invaded by young film-makers between 0.00 (yes, midnight!) and 2am. for a selection of short movies.

Soprus Cinema

The program is composed by Andrew Bond “Russian Size” (17′, 2009, fiction, Estonia),  Monica Bravo “How To Kiss A Dead Girl” (26′, 2008, fiction, Estonia-UK), Ragne Mandri “Little Wooden Town” (27′, 2009, fiction, Estonia), Claudia Röthun, Adrian Flückiger “What’s Next” (4′, 2007, animation, Switzerland) and Per Hanefjord “Between You and Me” (20′, 2007, fiction, Sweden)A more “noisy” evening is organized then for Wednesday the 30th when – always in Soprus and always between midnight and 2am) when the programme will move onto a selection of music videos.For more information, (Estonian) or Ms. Helen Vinogradov, email: