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Short reflections about the crisis

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"Do you feel the crisis?"

While smoking a cigarette outside the poshy C'est la Vie, one of those places where you go more to be seen than to enjoy their meal, a friend of mine posed me this question."People are different nowadays. This is a strange summer, and not just because of the weather. Look at the people, they care about prices as the did not do for years." And it is true.Absolutely true.

The crisis even took the place of the weather into the conversations up here: everyone, sooner or later, will start complaining about the prices, the salaries and a government that, so far, preferred to take its time and reflect instead of trying to steer somewhere else.If I feel the crisis?Certainly I do.And although now I cry a bit less when I pay my rent and I can finally start thinking about buying a flat thanks to the effect this situation is having on the real estate sector...I cannot avoid to feel it everytime I go to the supermarket or to a cafè...everytime I see that prices are going up as fast as this summer rain keeps coming down."And now is summer, so no one really cares about that." she added. "Let's wait for autumn and winter. When the light will run away, we will restarting using Russian gas and tourist will disappear."And she might be even right. Because according to what BBN just published, the hard times are yet to here"Entrepreneur from Virumaa, the CEO of OG Elektra, Oleg Gross, said that the price level of primary foods isn’t too bad and that hard times are yet to come. “I think that it’s nonsense,” Gross commented Bank of Estonia’s proposition that merchants should lower prices. He added the prices of goods are regulated by the market. “Struggle to keep the prices at normal level goes on all the time,” Gross remarked.“The price level of primary foods isn’t too bad. Hard times are yet to come,” he said and added that hardships will still rise in connection with luxury goods rather than food.“During the growth everyone bet on increase. That is what Estonian businessmen are paying for. But there are those who thought and who will survive – not everyone is the same,” Gross said.It will definitely be a strange summer, this one.