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Ozcan Tikit


As you know an Iraqi journalist attempted a shoe-cide:-) suicide attack on George W. Bush, throwing a shoe during his last visit in Iraq. For Iraqie culture throwing shoe or hitting somebody with she is the harshes way to insult. While Iraqi courts still discussing on to judge the journalist with terrorist attack or cultural insult protest I wanted to learn about insul culture of the world.

After asking Babelians and a short search I realized that our great world has a very wide insult culture from Sweden to Azerbaijan.


Italy: Miglena D.

As in Italy, the mother is No1 followed by the Devil and muddy waters. Here are some illustrations - The extremely rude but often used, especially by taxi drivers and other bed-tempered persons "Fuck your mother!" - "Go with the devils" - rather rude, means "I am very mad and don’t want to deal with you any more!" - "Let muddy waters drag you" - rude, means "I am very mad with you!", a little bit archaic and less used today than the previous two.

Giovanni A. In Italy, we also love using the Holy famiuly and...I guess there isn't anything more than spitting on someone for manifesting our hate...not so polite as you see!



In Germany, a very common and useful insult ist "asshole": "Arschloch", an interessant one is "Wichser", which can translated by wanker, or "Fick dich" is the local "fuck you". Well the insults here are quite like in England.


You certainly know the gesture that all heavy metal fans do to at a concert, well this gesture is a big insult in Spain. if you do this gesture to someone, like on the cool picture, it means that your wife sleeps with another man and put you the horns (cuernos) like those of a bull.


In France, one of the common insult is : "sob / prick / fucker / cocksucker !" ("enculé !" in French, for your insult culture;)) It sounds like homophobic but the court did not rule on the possible of sexist or homophobic insults, including connotations the term "asshole", although French law also prohibits this kind of. However, French people use many insults daily, like "fuck your mom" (it's also the name of a famous French Rap band).


Polish politicians are kind of ahead of the rest of society, they insult each other in a kind of "sophisticated" way. a few most interesting interesting insults of last few years: - Lech Kaczynski, when he was a president of Warsaw and candidate for president, told one of the guys around him "spieprzaj dziadu" ("fuck off you beggar"), which was, for a few months, one of the most popular insults: - a few months ago ojciec Rydzyk, the boss of the ultra-catholic station Radio Maryja insulted Maria Kaczyńska (the president's wife) telling that "nie powinniśmy nazywac szamba perfumerią" ("we shouldn't call the cesspool the perfumery"). later he told that he was misunderstood and it wasn't talking about Maria Kaczynska. - Ludwik Dorn, a politician that used to cooperate with Kaczynski brothers, was called a few times "the third twin" ("trzeci bliźniak") -not political one:) during the show "Gwiazdy tańczą na lodzie" (a tv show, where stars skate) the producers has chosen the most controversial stars, which tell blatantly what they mean, so the fights (sometimes vulgar, sometimes just funny) between the jury, the contestants and the announcer were common. so generally when you want to insult someone in Poland, you should mention something done by the person, or stick to the characteristics (physical of psychical) of the person. and when you don't know what to say, you may always make this gesture: , popularised during the olympic games in Moscow by Wladysław Kozakiewicz, who managed to make a great jump in spite of booing of the Russian audience.


Elina M.

In Greece we have a weird insult, of course there are a lot of words but i think the most interesting is what we call "moutza!" Actually you extend your hands and in the same time your fingers in the face of the other person. I know it seems a little bit like saying hello but no, because when a person does it he has a certain expression (bad) in his face and he is doing it abrupltly. Very common is to see it among drivers. It s very bad insult!!



In Sweden, insults are mainly about hell and the devil. "Go to hell", "may the devil take you" are rather rude insults. The Swedish culture uses very little body language, even the obscene gestures are imported. This one can be seen in Sweden Sticking out your tongue is less obscene, more of a teasing insult. Why is this? They seem rather cool as insults, don't they? That is because Swedish culture is a consensus culture, formed in a very homogenous population. Swedish culture tries to minimize conflicts, especially in intrapersonal relations. For better or worse. We haven't been a war since 1815, but some conflicts should come up in the open to get solved, and they don't because someone "might feel sad". The real Swedish insults are sneaky and anonymous, in order to hide the insulter's identity back into the group. Written notes or graffitti in public places are such insults. An example could be a well seen written sign at a workplace saying; "Carl's mom doesn't work here" (meaning that that person is not doing his chores at the workplace).


Nabeelah S.

  • You could ‘moon’ someone – take down your trousers and show them your ass in a full moon effect ... but its more because its vulgar not because its English culture.

  • It’s bad to stick your fingers up – both index fingers or the middle finger


Saru is a Japanese word that means “monkey”, and is used very much often when Korean looks down on Japanese. Anyway, this “copy_saru” is very energetic to insult Japan, especially Japanese Language by making so many threads after another on the message board. Only today, Feburary 11th, he has already posted 21 threads, though todays is not over yet.


Rufiz: H.

The worst way of insult is to spit on the person making you angry.



In Turkey, swearing or spittig on a guy while he was with his girlfriend, wife or mum is the harshest way insult on his personality. Another insult is to ask guy if his mother, wife or sister was beatiful is really dangerous. Unfortunately the result is usually a bloody fight.

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