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Shine A Light Episode 3 - Oleg

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Oleg's life changed when he moved to Finland. In this country, he felt safer and happier as a queer trans man. In the third episode of our new series Shine A Light, dedicated to LGBTQ immigrants settled in Scandinavia, Oleg shares her story.

"When I found my identity, I was very nervous," says 30-year-old Oleg from Russia, who identifies himself as a queer trans man. After transitioning into his new identity, he left Russia and moved to Finland because he was afraid he would be killed because of his identity. "It's very unsafe in Russia especially if I'm a transgender person. For me returning is a painful issue," he says.

Moving to Finland as a student, he feels safer. "In Finland I can freely speak about being transgender in public," says Oleg and hopes to write about his experiences as a queer trans person in the future.

Story by

Laura Forsén

Student in Journalism in Turku University of Applied Sciences, Student in Philosophy in Turku University