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Several urban topics

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I'm back from Budapest, where I attended an amazing sociology conference at my former faculty. The speakers were mostly PhD students and young scientists, but there were several established ones, too. The topic was inequality and difference - their various aspects, starting from government and EU policies and ending with geographic spaces.

It was nice to revisit Budapest after a year and meet old friends, too.

Back in Lithuania, there are some workshops for young people (aged 13-18) on film-making about the city. Can't wait to see what they manage to produce. The topics are Baroque, famous people from ethnic minorities and the influence of avantgarde art on urban development.

On the 19th this month, a friend of mine and his gang are having a fire show at 10.30 pm at the City hall square.

The Let There Be Night festival is from the 20th to the 21st. Here's its English programme and Lithuanian maps. All events free of charge.

Tomorrow, the Skalvija cinema is collecting recyclable garbage and giving free tickets to a seemingly good Estonian film "Class" for that. Can't decide whether I should go or not - it's at 5, while I work until 6.