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Second home - first love

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Second Home

Photographer: Doina Cioca

Life has its own ways. I knew that the moment the cord that kept me tied to my native country was cut loose by a friendship request on facebook. It was fall and I met my other half at a virtual poker table on facebook. Soon I knew that I had to go and meet my second home. First kiss. First date. First shrimp. First....all. Oh migration - the ticket to my love story. My second home is four years old and I hope it will keep growing and help me addapt better to this all new experience in a new country. I often miss my first home- my family, but I know that my heart is big enough for both of them. I try to switch homes as often as I can. Still, twice a year is not enough. Blame it on plain tickets price. Don´t know what future holds for us, but it is worth living it. Emmigration holds many challenges, but it is much easier to overcome them when you are not alone in your adventure. Birds migrate in floks for a reason. Think about it.

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