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Searching a "window" of communication

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P. Zaimis

Technological progress is a worldwide undisputed phenomenon, but what is its impact on human relations?

Far away from the wild alarmism of Kassandra, there has been an exponential interest -for moralistic reflection purposes- on the issue of the impact of technology on interpersonal relationships.

People are people’s delight. Nevertheless, in an era where technological advances rapidly succeed one another and the solutions to our daily problems are the push of a button away, the core of human relationships seems to have been challenged and changed irreparably.

So, what is truly the real cost and impact of this undeniable technological progress to human relations?

Information technology and the internet, beyond being useful tools suddenly appear as a very attractive haven for our personal deadlocks. The modern “homo communican” prefers to stay in constant communication with his/her surrounding world, through technology, rather than enjoying the silence of deliberate isolation or the noise of interpersonal communication. Thus the point of personal contact is annihilated, cheapened and gradually dies as the digital communication causes saturation for actual contact, even though that contact may be both cold and impersonal.

Now, alienated and alone, we discover that we slowly become victims of this tragic electronic creation, which even threatens to become our ruler. As purely social beings, we ought to redefine human relations with technology and to harness our creation without permitting it to oppress us.

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