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Riots in Tallinn: 27.04.2007 - Live footage

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After the first night of riots, nothing seems to be changing and the tension, in Tallinn, start to be really high from the early afternoon. The balance of the night is less dramatic than the previous one, but has to be said that some small protest started to appear also in the north-west of the country, especially in some cities where the Russians own the majority of the population.

More than 300 people has been arrested and brought by the police in some barracks close to the Terminal D - the part of the harbor where is possible to get the ferry for Helsinki. We have been collecting histories, pictures and videos of what is happened on those nights in those barracks that we also had the chance to visit: as soon as all the material will be collected and well defined, we will publish it in this page in order to make the whole EU know about what is happened for real in Estonia.

Giovanni Angioni - Tallinn