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Revolution on your blog

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inside cafébabel

Beloved Babel Blogger, We have migrated to a new version of blogs which is faster, graphically more appealing and full of lots of stuff to personalise. Now you can change the theme and personalise everything, from background colour to font sizes and banner image.

It’s quite simple: in the Dashboard go to “Blog Aspects”. By default it is set on the old theme “Cafebablog”. To personalize your blog choose the theme “Babel” and click on “Theme configuration” on the right. Now you can amuse yourself and find the perfect look for your blog. If you don’t want to experiment, you can choose one of the predefined styles.

EUdebate blogs, which are visible on, will use the theme “Grounded” that takes up the EUdebate design.

Our cityblogs will get a layout corresponding to the magazine so that they can be identified right away as the main pillars of the babelcommunity. This theme is called “City”

And because you might have some questions with all this exciting stuff, we have set up the mail through which you can communicate with the whole community of bloggers. Just send a mail and every other babelblogger will receive it and will be able to answer.

Look forward to a blog revolution and share your impressions!