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Results of the readership survey now available

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inside cafébabel

A big thank you to all of the 1550 Babelians that replied to our European readership survey conducted last March and April 2007 by a professional working for a prestigious polling institute in France. 

The main conclusions are :

1. The Babelians are growing older!

The average age of the readers is 36,8 years old. With a repartition that goes as follow:

59% is between 18 and 35 24% is between 36 and 55 17% is 56 and over

This is a 8 years increase in 3 years. A sign that we can attract a wider audience.

2. The Babelians are from all around Europe!

Latin countries are leading the group, UK and Irland are the last ones :

31% are French 17% are Italian 12% are German 11% are Spanish 6% are Polish 4% are from central Europe (Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic and Slovakia) 3% are from the UK and Ireland

Important remark : 25% of the Babelians are living abroad, and many of them in Brussels! This is the eurogénération on the move!

3. The Babelians are Internet friendly!

No wonder, you would say, we are a webmagazine. However, statistics are showing that :

34% of Babelians spend over 4 hours per day on the Internet 73% acknowledge reading blogs as a source of information 20% even have their own blogs

This lets me think that Babelians will enjoy having the possibility to launch their blogs on, and create their personal profiles!

4. The Babelians are multilingual!

Very impressive figure: the Babelians are extremely good at languages:

83% declare speaking two languages 62% declare speaking three languages 7% declare speaking 7 languages (wao!)

Do you recognize yourself in theses figures? If yes, you might be a Babelian! So take the time to register on the community and to update your profile!