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Ranking of the top 20 blogs Aug/ Sept!

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The 2007 Summer has seen many new Babelblog entries in the community. From the 20 most popular babelblogs, 7 were created in August! 1. The unbeatable Eurotik (fr) - a babelblog about sex the European way with a subtil yet crispy touch- stays number of one on the charts. If you want to improve your everyday French vocab, this is the babelblog you're looking for!

This being said, there is talk about translating it into English...micropenis

2. Linea (fr, en, it)- a blog run by talented European cartoonists - also stays in the same number 2 spot. Each week, the linea team creates new drawings linked to current affairs. From the Israeli-Palestinian love/hate relationship to the sad disappearance of the opera singer Luciano Pavarotti, Linea gives colors to our news.Pavarotti

3. Lost in Translation (it) is the highest increase of the month! Anna, one of our most talented Italian translators, reveals her tricks and secrets on an increasingly popular European mental gymnastic. Viva ze multilinguilismus...

Anna C.4. Islam in Europa, the trilingual blog (de,fr,en) is moving up from place 9 to 4th place. Ulrich Schwerin, also moderator of the Religion and democracy forum, gives a new European perspective on the Islam community as an active member of European civil society.

Koran5. Nomur is the second best entry of the month. Not to be confused with the Belgian city (!), Nomur is a blog launched in the framework of an "International Solidarity Trip" where 200 young people from all over the world tell us about their experience in Palestine and its unenviable torn heritage.

Piotr K6. The Kaczynski Blog (pl,en) also moves up from 14 to 5th place. Piotr kaczynski is not related to the Kaczynski brothers- but he is still very well informed on Polish politics. To the point where he was recently recruited by the Brussels-based and well-known think-tank CEPS. Congrats!


7. Streets of Europe (en, fr, plà).

8. Poetry (ca, pt, es, fr)

9. Vilnius (lt, en)

10. Coffeefactory (en, es, de, fr, it)

11. Bruxelles (en, fr) Check out their next debate: "The Climate is changing, are you?"

12. Space Europeans (it, en)

13. La Vida Digital (es)

14. Wide Angle (en, pl)- currently live from Dubai and completely skypeless!

15. Stockholm (en,sv)- latest event at the University of Stockholm.

16. Chris blog (en)) new correspondent live from London telling you about how Princess Di's tragic death revised history...

17. Budapest blog (en, hu, it) run by our beloved Budapest team! From an interview with French analyst, Nicolas Véron, to the Nabucco gas pipeline project, the Babelian correspondents bring a Hungarian/Italian perspective to European current affairs.

18. Dailylife (en, fr)

19. LondOnline! (en)

20. European Rural Bloggers (en) - mission: "giving a voice to the rural and peripherical corners of Europe"