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"When I see that after this [the govt's decision to decrease salaries in public schools by 5%, while other employees of the public sector got a 10% decrease] a part of the labour unions come and protest, I start doubting whether we did the right thing by applying a different [salary] reduction rate to some groups, despite the fact that some ministers encouraged applying a unified rate for all" -

that's what the PM said as teachers' unions were protesting against the so-called National Agreement (= the govt, representatives of big business, representatives of the bureaucracy from mock unions).

Some quick reminders:

Teachers at public schools are either underpaid or have severe workloads. The govt has been cutting salaries due to the crisis, but has not cut much on meaningless spending, such as on the Palace of the Grand Dukes. For heaven's sake, the right to organise and attend peaceful demonstrations is a FUNDAMENTAL RIGHT IN ANY DEMOCRACY, and the govt has no right to threaten them or imply that their disagreement with the govt's policy will result in financial los