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Post-America syndrome

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Elisa Vincenzoni


Here I am, back in Paris: still paying the consequnces of the jet-lag, with loads of ideas running through my mind, happy about being able to hug my wife and go back to But still... Still I have to admit that this stars-and-stripes experience was so omni-comprehensive as to leave a mark. For the people around me it must be so wearying.

Yesterday my collegue from EUrotik (now available in English as well) told me (in French): "Enough with these USA, Adrià".

Well, I have to say that, dear babelians that followed me faithfully during my "On the road 2.0", I feel like many of you after Erasmus. I guess I should be psychoanalysed by doctor Allanic, whom Prune talked about, o maybe by Fiorella. Joking...meanwhile, here is the latest version of my journey map with the New York stop that I didn't tell you much about...

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You can read here about the illuminating meeting with Jay Rosen, "crowd-sourcing journalism" guru, in the Big Apple.

Translated from Post-Amerika-Syndrom