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Image for Polish elections 2010: Komorowski win...? (9 images)

Polish elections 2010: Komorowski win...? (9 images)

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On 20 June 2010, Poland will elect a new president, two months after the tragic death of its former leader Lech Aleksander Kaczynski of the conservative law and justice (PiS) party

Bronislaw vs Jaroslaw

Of the ten candidates, only two are serious contenders to the presidential office: acting president and speaker of parliament Bronislaw Komorowski and former prime minister and leader of the conservative PiS party Jaroslaw Kaczynski, who also happens to be the twin brother of the late president (Image: ©Ezequiel Scagnetti/

Bronislaw 'acting'

Bronislaw Komorowski took over presidential functions after the tragic loss of the former president Lech Kaczynski on 10 April (Image: ©Ezequiel Scagnetti/

Kaczynski: no victory

Jaroslaw Kaczynski might benefit from the popularity of his late twin brother. However, while he has closened the gap that separates him from his opponent, opinion polls still place him as a close second (Image: ©Ezequiel Scagnetti/

According to the latest public opinion polls, Bronislaw Komorowski is expected to obtain 46% of the vote, while Jaroslaw Kaczynski could reach between 31% and 36% (Image: ©Ezequiel Scagnetti/

Spot the poster

A few days prior to the election, the Polish capital shows no sign of electoral effervescence. Campaigning efforts focused mainly on the internet and television, which might explain why so few posters can be seen in the city (Image: ©Ezequiel Scagnetti/

Presidential memory

Lech Kaczynski and members of his parliament passed away in a tragic plane crash on 10 April, on their way to an official visit to the Katyn memorial. The Polish people still honour their memory in front of the presidential palace (Image: ©Ezequiel Scagnetti/

Bad taste?

(Image: ©Ezequiel Scagnetti/

Flood central

The elections are taking place against the backdrop of the floods that have afflicted the country, a topic which has been at the forefront of citizens' preoccupations (Image: ©Ezequiel Scagnetti/

4 July?

In the unlikely event that a candidate obtains 50% or more of the vote, the election will be settled on 20 June. Otherwise, a second ballot will take place on 4 July, which Komorowski is expected to win (Image: ©Ezequiel Scagnetti/