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Police about Night Watch

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The press officer of the Security Police only said that the criminal process is ongoing to figure out the links between the Night Watch and the 26-27 riots in Tallinn, hence they cannot comment on what is the issue with the Night Watch in Estonia, what are their links with Kremlin etc.

The press offices also said that 'the Security Police keeps an eye on all radical or extremist organizations in Estonia' without mentioning the Night Watch exclusively.

The press officer did note that the Security Police has the information that there were 'occasional meetings between the Russian Embassy staff in Tallinn and the leaders of the Night Watch.' And that 'the current Russian propaganda campaign against Estonia were planned carefully and for a long time.' Security Police is the oranisation which deals with all internal/domestic threats to Estonia's security and also with international terrorism.

There is a Police (different organization from the Secuirty Police) press conference today at 1500 in Pärnu mnt 139 with the presence of the Chief of the Police and the Chief Procecutor. I was told by the Police that we could go to the presser to ask about the Night Watch. Apparently they do not have any standard answers, hence the press people do not answer about that organization.

Kadri Kukk - Tallinn