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Poles vote abroad in early elections

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More than 170, 000 Poles voted abroad in parliamentary elections last Sunday, 21 October. Why did they care? 'We want to go back some day', most said. 'And we want to have something to come back to.'


Poles living in Ireland could vote in three electoral districts: Dublin, Cork and Limerick. Some of them travelled over 200 km just to cast their vote


Picnic-like atmosphere of nearby Champs-Elysees infected the queue for voting booths at the Polish embassy in Paris. People chatted away to pass the time in a two-hour long wait


The biggest centre of Polish diaspora in Europe. 'What's this queue for?', asked passers-by. 'It's for democracy!', people answered. Some waited up to six hours to vote!

Stanford, California

California-based students and scientists voted in an uncrowded electoral district. There were 30, 000 registered voters in the entire US


Even in a tiny island there were people willing to vote!


Post-election party, where young Poles celebrate the see more liberal Civic Platform partys win