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Image for Poetry Advent Calendar 8: Post-it Poets

Poetry Advent Calendar 8: Post-it Poets

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The Poetry Round

It's slightly late, but hid­ing be­hind the eighth door of our Ad­vent Cal­en­dar is our lat­est post-it poet, the inim­itable Kristina Wo­j­taszek. Hail­ing from Wyoming, USA, Kristina is an avid col­lec­tor of odd trin­kets and hope­ful ever-af­ters.  She pens poems, fairy tale retellings, ghost sto­ries and other shorts.  Fol­low her trail of crumbs on her web­site, Twice Upon A Time.

cafebabel.​com:​ What poem would you take to a desert is­land?

Kristina: Ariel by Sylvia Plath, in hopes that one day I might un­der­stand it.

cafebabel.​com:​ What's the kind­est thing a stranger's ever done for you?

Kristina: No­ticed me.

cafebabel.​com:​ What's your ideal mid­night feast?

Kristina: Warmed milk and my lat­est read.

cafebabel.​com:​ What chil­dren's book would you give to a stranger (young or old)?

Kristina: Hor­ton Hatches the Egg, be­cause it should be, it should be, it should be like that!

cafebabel.​com:​ How do you col­lect yours and oth­ers' po­etry?

Kristina: On shelves, scat­tered over my desk and the floor, be­tween the sheets; wher­ever they hap­pen to land.

cafebabel.​com:​ Sug­gest a ques­tion for next time.

Kristina: What watches you while you write (liv­ing or non)?

cafebabel.​com:​ Draw us a pic­ture.