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Image for Poetry Advent Calendar 5: Pocket Poetry

Poetry Advent Calendar 5: Pocket Poetry

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The Poetry Round

A poem a day keeps the-- Hmm, what does the fre­quent con­sump­tion of po­etry keep away? Bore­dom, cer­tainly. The blues, per­haps, un­less you choose to read po­etry writ­ten ex­clu­sively by Philip Larkin. And it might do a fairly good job of re­pelling those de­luded be­ings who be­lieve they don't like po­etry. No mat­ter what your ail­ment, we rec­om­mend...

Prescription: Pocket Poetry. A free app which delivers a poem a day to your iPad or iPhone.

To be consumed: Once a day, when desired.

Cures: Melancholy, a propensity to write in prose.

Strengthens: Health and good cheer.

Side effects: Chortling, chuckling, an addiction to alliteration, skillful timing and internal rhyming.