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Image for Poetry Advent Calendar 18: Good Gifts

Poetry Advent Calendar 18: Good Gifts

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The Poetry Round

In the week before Christmas, pangs of present panic can become pervasive. (Sorry, I got a bit carried away by the alliteration there...) Suddenly we remember that we've bought our father socks for the last three years running, or we realise we completely forgot to buy a gift for our brother-in-law.

Good Gifts offers a rather helpful alternative to the generic socks and cups that get wrapped up on Christmas Eve and hidden at the back of a cupboard on Boxing Day. Presents range from a year of schooling (for £25) to a library for a village (for £1250). The twist is that your present goes to a community that needs it - so you can be certain that your gift isn't a duplicate of a sweater that your mother didn't like the first time round, and that isn't going to be hidden somewhere to sadly gather dust.

Imagine giving a library...