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PM Ansip: Estonia Supports the Agreement on the EU Climate and Energy Package at the Forthcoming European Council

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In Gdansk, Prime Minister Andrus Ansip stressed in front of the holder of the Presidency of the EU, the heads of government of Poland and other countries of the Visegrad Group and the Prime Ministers of Bulgaria and Romania that Estonia supports the agreement with regard to the EU Climate and Energy Package

“Estonia unanimously supports the aspirations of the holder of the Presidency to reach an agreement on the Package at the forthcoming European Council,” said Ansip and added that all parties should work towards this goal.

The control of electricity import results from a clear need to ensure the energy security of Estonia and the entire EU, which is why according to the Prime Minister, unanimity and agreement are important.

The Prime Minister also noted that the functioning of the domestic energy market and common competition rules with third countries are also important for the EU. The Prime Minister stressed that it is important that in the future, third countries would also adopt obligations similar to those of the European Union at limiting the emissions of greenhouse gases. “When we enforce rules for ourselves, other parties must also follow the same rules when playing on the same field,” he said.

Andrus Ansip also discussed the importance of the establishment of electrical connections of the regions isolated in the sense of the electricity market, such as the Baltic States, with the European Union, and expressed gladness that a great step has been taken in that direction in cooperation with the Committee.

The Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk invited to Gdansk Nicolas Sarkozy, the President of France, the holder of the EU Presidency, heads of government of the Visegrad Group States and the Prime Ministers of Bulgaria and Romania, to discuss the unresolved issues of the Climate and Energy Package before the European Council held next week.