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Playlist of the week: Pack your swim trunks

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Sun, hot tem­per­a­tures and most im­por­tantly no rain: the weather fore­cast promises bet­ter prospects for to­mor­row. So that it'll also be­come a re­al­ity, Cafébabel Berlin com­piled a playlist for a day at the lake. So pack your swim trunks and your iPod!

Music like in the beer com­mer­cials – a lake is all that's miss­ing. Chu­cka­muck, Hitch­hi­ke (2014).

Even if the girls of PACS spend their time at the Spree River, their music sounds great at any of the many Berlin lakes. PACS, In Berlin (2011)

Those who long for the so­lace of Aus­tralian beaches when faced with crowds of peo­ple at Wannsee should listen to Splashh. If only Berlin lay by the ocean. Splashh, All I Wanna Do (2012).

Re­lax­ing by the lake? That'll work best with in­die-folk melodies by Char­ity Chil­dren. Char­ity Chil­dren, You Want Me (Acoustic Ses­sion, 2013). 

Can't get any tick­ets for the "Down By The River Fes­ti­val"? Luck­ily you can lis­ten to Jolly Goods on your iPod. Jolly Goods, Freight Train (2011). 

Those who like to turn up the music know that techno works everywhere. Nat­u­rally by the lake, too. Uschi & Hans, U & Me (Nico Pusch Remix, 2013). 

Wear­ing makeup at a lake-out­ing is as un­prac­ti­cal as it is em­bar­rass­ing. Those who are going swim­ming can let the mu­si­cians of Anatopia take over the face­paint. Anatopia, iPlay (2011).

For all of those who like to make the claim that you can't dance by a lake. Q.​rios & Mar­cel Un­der­berg, Shake Down/En­demic/Seven Sins (2014).

A mix­ture of tra­di­tional rhythms and elec­tronic beats, right out of Kreuzberg. The two guys from Chile and Cuba promise a first-class trance-dance-ec­stasy ex­pe­ri­ence. Puto Pro­duc­tion, Live at the Mauer­park (2014).

Ger­man lakes are beau­ti­ful, the ones in Berlin seem in­com­pa­ra­ble... but we'd still some­times like to be in Italy. Negrita, Ro­tolando verso sud (2005).

Cafébabel Ber­lin has turned on the juke­box

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Translated from Playlist Der Woche: Pack die Badehose ein