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Pick your favourite articles for our "15 years of cafébabel" book

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In 2016, cafébabel will celebrate its 15th anniversary with a one-off, celebratory ‘15 years of...' book. To make it great, we need you – our readers, our community – to vote for your favourite articles using the form below and collaborate to choose the best content.

In 2016, cafébabel will celebrate its 15th anniversary with its first and only "year book". Yep, FIFTEEN YEARS - you read that correctly! 

What started as a foolish idea by a bunch of Erasmus mates in a Strasbourg university dorm, with a poor Internet connection, became one of the first web-only media outlets in Europe, using citizen participation to provide off-beat news about Europe and beyond.

As we love understatement, we’ll just (very humbly, of course) throw a few numbers at you: these days your favourite European magazine consists of 6 language versions, 12 permanent staff members in Paris, 20 local teams across the continent, 3,000 articles and 1,500 volunteer authors and translators per year. Bam!

This is all reason enough to celebrate the first media organisation to give a voice to all European citizens – no matter what language they speak – along with you and your inspiration, of course! Because (cue stirring violins in the background) you are the heart and soul of cafébabel. And we want some of that soul in this best of cafébabel book, to be published in May 2016.

So here’s the plan: The book will showcase 15 features from 15 cities. It will include stories on cafébabel which we think are memorable; stories that encapsulate our ‘Europe in real life’ mantra.

So to all you Babelians out there, please use on the Google form below to vote for your favorite story from a city of your choice. We have listed two features per city - please chose one per location! And for the active ones, you can start all over again and vote for a second city if you want. Your picks will help us to come up with the perfect mix for this 15 years of cafébabel anthology.