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Photos: living on the street in Paris

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The homeless and immigrants - those select few that Parisians would perhaps rather not see, at least at Christmas time. Neither indifference nor presidential words will make this 'problem' disappear

Palais de Chaillot: scene of social manifestations

Subway: the indifference for poverty goes deeper

Metro station 'Opera' by night

One way of spending a warm night in the winter by St. Paul, the metro stop leading to the capital's gay and Jewish quarter

Rainy morning in Paris

A homeless person ('SDF' or 'sans domicile fixe') walks around Place de la Bastille where the former prison stood. He searches a scrap of breakfast someone may have left

Street performer

Sarkozy's image dots newsstands and kiosks around the city

One of the regular weekend protests in the city; this one demanding the right of citizenship

Tunisians on the platform by metro Trocadero in the city's west. It provides you with this sublime image of one of the most famous sights in Europe

A jazz band provides the soundtrack to the march on the rights of immigrants having papers

Christmas 2007 - Christian meeting in Saint-François Xavier

Boulevard des Italiens, one of seven boulevards running through the city, built by Baron von Haussmann in the late 1800s. Together with the family during the run-up to christmas

Rue de la Fayette is where the grand Lafayettes stand, the version of London's Harrods shopping store - many expensive Christmas presents to choose

Boulevard des Italiens again, and marked differences at Christmas time

(Photos: Jorge Alexandre Pereira)

Translated from Paryżanie gorszego sortu