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Image for Photos: 'Climate Refugees' from New Orleans to Germany

Photos: 'Climate Refugees' from New Orleans to Germany

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A French collective of eleven editors and photographers preview the first documentary book on the world's people facing climate change. Exclusive glimpses

(Image: Cédric Faimali/ Argos Collective)

New Orleans, US. Hurricane Katrina, parish Saint Bernard, September 2005 (Donatien Garnier)

(Image: Guillaume Collanges/ Argos collective)

Himalayas, Nepal. 35.8 millions of metres of water threaten to swell in on the glacial valley of Khumbu, l’Imja. At an altitude of 5010 metres, it is the most dangerous lake in Nepal (Aude Raux)

(Image: Helene David/ Argos Collective)

Shishmaref, Sarichef island, Alaska. Climate change is melting the permafrost which the village is built on. The erosion of their home gives the Inuits up until fifteen years to find another home (Guy-Pierre Chomette)

(Image: Eléonore Henry de Frahan/ Argos Collective)

Longbaoshan, north China. 'The drought means that nothing is growing here. We are counting on heaven, but it only rains quicksand,' says Dehai Li (Aude Raux)

(Image: Cédric Faimali/ Argos Collective)

Chad. Mousa Mahamat, 24, is from the Kanembu tribe in Chad. The former fisher works in 45 degrees heat to level out a piece of land given to him by the state, which will later be irrigated (Aude Raux)

(Image: Hélène DAVID/ Argos Collective)

Halligen islands, North Sea, Germany. 'In the worst cases the Landunterns (short-term floods) drown the cows or lambs that we haven't managed to tie up in a secure place' (Guy-Pierre Chomette)

(Image: Guillame Collanges/ Argos Collective)

Maldives. The sea wall of thousands of cement blocks was constructed with the help of Japan at the beginning of the nineties.  It may be efficient against erosion, but it doesn't ebb the water flow (Guy-Pierre Chomette)

(Image: Laurent Weyl/ Argos Collective)

Pankhali, Bangladesh. Every year, the main sea well which protects the region from high seas is constructed a bit higher (Donatien Garnier)

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