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Image for Photographers: join the PES group photo competition!

Photographers: join the PES group photo competition!

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The 5th edition of the competition is inspired by the theme of Active Ageing and Solidarity between generations. Send your best pictures before 30th June to win the prize! "Life 2.

0 – Ready for a new start" is a photo competition launched bythe PES Group in the Committee of the Regions (CoR) for Europeans aged 18-108, inspired by the theme of the 2012 European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations.

Amateur photographers are asked to send in a photo that illustrates the way they perceive senior citizens taking an active part in society and developing their potential. 

"Life 2.0 – Ready for a new start" seeks to capture how challenges become opportunities for ageing people, be it by discovering new vocations, keeping moving, staying fit and healthy or fostering inter-generational learning.

The competition runs from 1 March until 30 June 2012

The jury consists of members of the PES Group in the CoR – representing local and regional authorities across the EU - and professionals from the world of photography. The three best photos will be selected.

Winners will be awarded a number of substantial prizes.

The first prize of the competition consists of two trips for two persons to two European cities and a tablet computer.

For more information on the competition and promotional material, visit


Samy Benomran +32 2 282 22 37

Katja Turck +32 2 282 21 69

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