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Paul Gauguin goes to Tate Modern

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Paul Gauguin, the famous post-impressionist artist who abandoned his profession and his family in order to dedicate himself to painting. The exhibition is the first in Britain after 50 years and includes over 50 paintings and drawings that highlight both the tremendous talent and the turbulent life of the artist. With this exhibition, Tate Modern celebrates a decade of operation.

For the creation of this emblematic exhibition, paintings were sent by Musee d' Orsee (Paris), the National Gallery of Washington, Puskin Museum (Moscow) and the Museum of Modern Arts - MOMA (New York).

''The Daily Telegraph'', wrote about the upcoming exhibition which will open tommorrow:

''Gauguin, was a syphillist pedophile, but at the same time a greater artist than Van Gogh. Its difficult to become friends with the Devil''