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Oxford vs Cambridge Boat Race - in pictures

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Today, there was much messing about in boats on the river Thames in leafy green South West London. Earlier this afternoon, rowers from Britain's historic universities, Oxford and Cambridge, slugged it out in the 155th . However, there was much other activity on, and by, the river throughout the day...

Oxford celebrateboat race

Advance warning of the impending merry-making, and boat race. We start our day by the river at Hammersmith Bridge, which is around the half-way point on .

Here's all the action in pictures..

Boat race signthe course

The gathering crowds at are entertained by traditional morris dancers. Although the annual university boat race is often seen as a typical English affair, the crews of both university boats have a strong international mix. This year, the Oxford boat has a few other Europeans in it - a Pole, a Dutchman and a Croat. Meanwhile, the Cambridge boat seems more of a Commonwealth-only affair - the other rowers being American, Australian and Canadian.

Morris Dancers at Hammersmith BridgeHammersmith Bridge

We head to , further upstream towards the finishing point. You can tell the start of the big race is a couple of hours away as the tide has yet to come in!

Barnes BridgeBarnes bridge


One of the river races preceding the big showdown, seen along the way.

River race scene

And, in this one, there's more than two boats racing!

Close up of boat

Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream... The finishing post at - Dark blue colour markings signify Oxford (that being the university's colour); and light blue, Cambridge.

The finishing post at Chiswick BridgeChiswick bridge

Crowds at the finishing line

Crowds opposite the finishing point - conveniently, there is a pub there too.

Oxford first to appear

After much anticipation waiting at the finishing line, a boat appears from around the corner - and it's Oxford. Having been behind after the start, they retook the lead and have pulled away. They look like they are still going strong..

and the rest of the flotilla

And then the Cambridge boat follows, with a small armada of other boats in its wake.

Oxford all the way

It's Oxford all the way... And Oxford win by three and half lengths (of a boat), taking 17 minutes to complete the 4 miles 375 yards (6.78km) . This brings their total tally of wins to 75, but...

Oxford win 155th boat racefrom Putney to Chiswick Bridge

Cambridge finish gutted

Whilst the Cambridge crew cross the line feeling gutted, they may take some consolation from the fact that Cambridge still leads the series overall with a total of 79 wins.

Oxford celebrate

All the same, Oxford seem to be on a winning streak, having won 4 times in the last 5 years. So, if they keep it up, they may have more even more cause to celebrate!

(Photos by Charles Morgan)

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