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Image for 'Our Story': photographers in Sarajevo exhibition, Paris (12 images)

'Our Story': photographers in Sarajevo exhibition, Paris (12 images)

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French fashion designer Agnes B, who first visited Sarajevo after its four-year siege in 1996, and former Spanish culture minister Jorge Semprun of the Paris-Sarajevo-Europe association, come together this month in the French capital to launch 'notre histoire' - the exposition runs between 7 April and 3 May 2010. Run-down of some of the war reporters taking part, as 2010 looks to the future - an EU-Balkan summit will take place under the Spanish presidency in Sarajevo in early June

©Alexandra Boulat

The award-winning French photographer's most famous images were shot between the Balkans, Afghanistan and Pakistan, western and south-east Asia. She tragically passed away aged 45 of a brain aneurysm in her native Paris,  in 2007

©Christopher Morris

With fellow exhibition guests Alexandra Boulat and fellow American James Nachtwey, the photojournalist founded the NYC and Paris-based VII photo agency

©Emmanuel Ortiz

From Parisian squats in an era when the Berlin wall was falling to Yugoslavia, a shot from the Paris-based Argentinian photographer

©Klavdij Sluban

French photographer of Slovenian origin, also based in Paris. See more on her official website

©Gerard Rondeau

The French photographer, a famed chronicler of celebrity (hello Carla Bruni) shoots exclusively in black and white

©Enric Marti

You'll often find the Spanish photographer's work at the Associated Press

©Patrick Chauvel

The Frenchman, a voice for Europe's war reporters, is also a documentary maker

©Luc Delahaye

Another Frenchman, more known for his work delving behind the scenes and behind political skirts at global events such as the world davos forum

©Milomir Kovacevic

The Paris-based Bosnian photographer has oft spoken about his father's wartime murder and how he grew under the influence of taking photos in Sarajevo

©Ziyah Gafic

Another Bosnian photojournalist in this series who remains in his hometown of Sarajevo

©Enrico Dagnino

The Paris-based Italian photojournalist started his career covering the Berlin wall, and aside from the wars covered by many photographers in this expo, he is mostly known for his work on Kenya's conflicts

©Laurent Van Der Stockt

The Belgian photographer works for Gamma agency. Catch the exposition at 15-17 rue dieu, Paris. Free entry between Monday and Saturday, 2pm to 7pm