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Our first blog entry and a small contribution to St. Martin's day

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Yesterday afternoon I was struck by all those abundant aromatic wine perfumes and delicious culinary masterpieces coming from the center of the city. Ok, well, most of all I was struck to see a dynamic flow of people holding elegant wine glasses, laughing, talking out loud and enjoying all those pleasant flavors.

I wish every November Saturday afternoon was as crowdy and noisy as it was yesterday – a face that Ljubljana is keeping only for certain festivities such as St. Martin's day.

Ok, enough of introduction and melancholic late autumnal thoughts.

Ljubljana wine route is an annual event that takes place in the center of Ljubljana on St Martin's day. The numerous stalls set up along the Ljubljanica river banks offer tasting of young wine and serve culinary delights from different regions in Slovenia. Before I proceed with a very brief, brief, almost none, historical overview of St Martin’s day, I would like to add a small tip: if you find a certain wine from a certain region especially appealing, do not hesitate to compliment the winemaker. Chances are you’ll go home with a bottle of excellent wine.

According to Slovenian tradition on St Martin’s day grape must officially turns into wine. Although, Ljubljana is not situated in a wine-growing region, it represents a strong commercial center for the country’s wine growing regions and it holds a flattering title of a City of Vineyards and Wine.

Ljubljana Wine Route is actually a nice warm up for the Slovenian Wine Festival – the leading wine event in Slovenia, held every year from 18th to 19th November in two prestigious hotels in the center of the city.

Apart from the cloudy and windy annoying early November days, this Saturday gave Ljubljana the new spirit of the anticipating winter and mulled wine season and a smell of wet yellow leaves mixed with cinnamon flavor coming from the huge barrels of hot steaming wine.

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