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Our eyes

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Adriano Farano


They are sons of the Erasmus program, Interrail and low-cost travels. Or maybe they just adopted the homeric curiositas (remixed to Radiohead's rhythm, please) as way of life. They adore the diversity but they also cultivate their own roots. They de-activated national frontiers from their mental software. They speak (or they say they speak) one or more languages...

And "foreign" do not belong to their dictionary. They have already spoken another tongue in bed. Either to understand each other or simply to show off... They have received their first salary in euro. Or maybe they adore to use the same (but more and more expensive) currency for a pint in Dublin or a cous-cous in Paris. They travel without passport. But they do not forget those who live in their area without any right. And they want to discuss, to dream and to converse with other Europeans. About Europe they want. About Europe they are building. On the ground.

This blog wants to tell you about that Europe, the one of people belonging to the first eurogeneration. It will try to interpret their thoughts, to collect their ideas... And to read news with their eyes. With the eyes of those who didn't forget their past and the babel of the Old Continent. But who want to build their future beyond boundaries. In a café, s'il vous plaît.

Translated from So sehen wir das: die Eurogeneration