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Our articles in the magazine 2011

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Hungarian singer Erzsi Kiss: ‘My language is based on musicality’

by Tamás Kovács

It’s much more meaningful gobbledygook, says the singer in the Hungarian band ‘Egy Kiss Erzsi Zene’ about her lyrics. The musician and puppeteer talks to us about singing ‘in no language’. Interview Erzsi, your lyrics are made up of words you create.

Where did you get the idea of ‘languagelessness’ from?

Erzsi Kiss: I didn’t have a model for this – it’s something that comes from my childhood. When I was involved in theatre, I often got to improvise or imitate african languages and drums. I find that african languages liven up percussion music and I often look for that kind of onomatopoeic word. So I had two sources of inspiration: western ideas, musical elements and songs which I’ve been working on since my childhood, but also these arabic and slavic rhythms which I used to improvise on stage.

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Gravity Co: 'We shy away from traditional Bulgarian limelight’

by Ili Puskás

They have scooped practically all the music awards in Bulgaria, such as the national music channel MMTV's 'band of the decade' gong in 2008, like magnets deftly reinvigorating progressive music in a post-socialist country. The four-piece Sofia-based rockers stand out from the Bulgarian musical landscape like liquorice-black aliens - and a fourth album is promised for 2011. Interview.

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Double discrimination: roma women in central and eastern Europe

by Linda Krajcsó

Romania has recently announced plans to evict roma from the northern town of Baia Mare, in a move which could leave hundreds homeless. The move emphasises the continued urgency of the theme ‘roma women in central and eastern Europe’, discussed during the European women's lobby’s conference in Budapest on 7 April this year. The lobby aims to bring the double discrimination that roma women endure to the attention of European decision-makers. Interview with Brigitte Triems, the lobby's president.

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Five gay friendly neighbourhoods in Europe

Budapest: only one queen

by Linda Krajcsó

The concept of a gay quarter in Budapest was on the agenda but current economic and political circumstances do not favor the LGBT world. Nevertheless Capella and Alterego bar&lounge are gay friendly.

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Hungary youth: ‘I stay out of politics but am Facebook friends with Viktor Orbán’

by Linda Krajcsó

The new controversial constitution, the first to be created on an iPad, was voted into law by the national assembly on 18 April and signed by the president on 25 April. Hungary’s youth remain apolitical, even to a new rule which would violate human rights. Budapest interviewed fifty young Hungarians.

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Etre femme et Rom en Europe Centrale et de l’Est

par Linda Krajcsó

En Hongrie, les Roms fuient Gyöngyöspata par peur de la violence des milices d’extrême-droite. C’est donc dans la capitale hongroise que le Lobby Européen des Femmes a organisé une conférence sur les femmes Roms en Europe centrale et de l’est. Objectif : alerter les décideurs européens sur la double discrimination subie par les femmes Roms. Entretien avec Brigitte Triems, la présidente du Lobby.

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