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inside cafébabel

Running a blog is simple, but it's not necessarily easy at first sight ... To help you get your blog started there are several tools  

That's the . Unfortunately, it's in French, but it will provide your with useful tips to get started. An English version is under translation.


documentation of the blog plateform

Then, please visit this page as well (you have to register with your login & pw to access to it) are important tips about .

getting started, running a multilingual blog, and tags

Finally, if you have the smallest, tiniest, question, please do not hesitate to use this site

You have to login as well. It's a live "Frequently asked questions" tool.http://flyspray.cafebabel.comYou'll see all the questions that have been asked, and see the answer that has been given... If you don't find your answer, and that you haven't found it the documentation, the wiki, or elsewhere, and then click on ... Fill in the summary & and details (leave the rest as it is) with your question... And come back a few hours later to see the answer (and all users will share the benefits of your question, so don't be shy.

"Add a new task"

Any doubt, remark ? Please comment.