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One sandwich short

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Euphemisms are everywhere in language and one of my favourites is the English phrase to describe someone who’s a little on the crazy side as being “One sandwich short of a picnic”. I particularly like it because it reminds me of the great English tradition of cucumber sandwiches (on white bread of course, with the crusts cut off). A more American version is to use “A few fries short of a Happy Meal”, whereas “One beer short of a six-pack” may well have originated from the Fosters-loving Australians. Funny how they’re all to do with food and drink. On the continent, the idea is expressed slightly differently. If you were in Germany, you wouldn’t have all your cups in the cupboard; in Italy you’d be missing a cog; in Spain you’d have mislaid a screw; and in France, somewhat bizarrely, you’d have a spider on the ceiling!

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