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One more disappointment with the European capital of culture

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I read this news about what events will be kept and for which financing will be cut within the framework of the "Vilnius - European capital of culture" programme. Unsurprisingly, I was very disappointed. Look at what they are planning to do: Events to be financed:

And now - projects which had their funding cut offinformal European theatre meeting, LTL 340 thou.

(~EUR 100 000) - my guess: expensive event for the limited number of people who go to theatre and more for the theatres themselves; 1984: survival drama (LTL 119 thou.) - a stupid theme park, completely commercial as far as I know. Could survive without support, and I would never, never take my foreign friends there in general; Japanese theatre tour (LTL 300 thou.) - has happened a couple of times before, tickets were sold out, it was a great commercial success, so no need to sponsor it from the state budget. Again, an entirely elitist event, and very obviously some groups have managed to push through their interests. Some theatre play by a well-known LT theatre director (LTL 46 000 - for what???); European championship of the disabled (46 000) - sounds promising, not sure what it will be about. Championship? Sports or what? If sports, what does it have to do with the capital of culture? Anyway, at least this will be something that will involve more people; Children's little town (9 000), or something like that - I found no info about it on the official website, so I have no clue what it is. Judging from the budget, my guess is that they will pick some schools, send kids to some street and ask them to draw Vilnius, or something like that. Am I wrong? Golden autumn (7.2 000) - no idea what's that, and found no info on the website. "We will play for food" (28 700) - this sounds like some more engaging event, probably has to do with street musicians. Phototherapy (10 000) - no idea. Could be OK. Viliya-Neris fish live (32 300) - no idea. Photography lab (6 500) - no idea, but my guess would be that it's something for kids. I think you already get what I'm trying to say. Yes, these events are more expensive, and yes, they may take place without the cultural capital money. Yet the idea is that millions will be spent on commercial elite art projects! As far as I remember, Bjork's concert was also co-financed with public money - I would say, it's a theft. Rich people can afford going to Japanese Noh theatre, and they don't need to be supported extra. While undergrad students, workers, office employees and retired people will remain as cut off from the "high" culture as they previously were. Almost all of the projects which engage people (music on the streat, subcultural festival, dances for senior citizens...) were crossed out. Isn't that great? I would suggest that the name of the programme should be changed to "Vilnius - cultural fortress of Europe". Culture is available for those sitting on top, while others only get glimpses of some dull fireworks on the new years eve.Youth festival "Young Europe" (886 000 - not surprising...) the "Animal" project - no idea what's that Festival of sub-cultures European dance school and dances for senior citizens Media project "Another person, another film" The convention of monmartres project "Art in unexpected spaces" I add from my memory: the street music dayIt's just a pity that I'll have to miss the Japanese theatre tour, as I sort of boycott the cultural capital...