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Oikomedia, the First Social Media Platform for Journalists

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Kait Bolongaro

Launched by two journalists, Elina Makri and Gianluca Martelliano, a web developer, George Danikas, and a graphic designer, Irene Rapti, Oikomedia is the first social media platform dedicated to journalists from around the world. cafébabel couldn't do anything but support this wonderful initiative. is the first platform dedicated to professional journalists from all over the world. This site works like a real social network: each journalist can create a profile, explain his or her professional experience and insert links to their work and projects. This way, other colleagues and/or employers can find the profile they are looking for to exchange ideas, projects and maybe begin to work together.

The site is free and bring together journalists from the four corners of the world, but especially Europe. This platform is a good opportunity for European journalists to access the international market with the possibility to exchange perspectives with colleagues from different countries and begin cross-border projects.

However, the founders don't plan on stopping there and included a scientific section and research activities to their project. They hope to evaluate the role of social networks as an innovative way to create and longevity of professional journalistic communities and online media.

Cafébabel supports the project, this is why we invite you to sign up and follow all the activities of these young people, who are shaping the Europe of tomorrow. 

Translated from Oikomedia, le premier réseau social pour les journalistes