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Off-topic on food: Lithuanian consumers don't have to know this?

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The company called "Palink" (as far as I know, it belongs to the IKI supermarket chain) seems to be, consciously or unconsciously, hiding the existence of a harmful chemical in one of its imported products, namely, canned shrimp. I noticed it myself as I was going to use the product. The Lithuanian ingredient list is the following: "Sudėtis: lukštentos krevetės (180 vnt.

ir daugiau), vanduo, druska, cukrus, rūgštingumą reguliuojanti medžiaga E330, antioksidantai: E223, E685 (natrio disulfitas)." It lists the shrimp, of course, salt, sugar, and three ingredients marked with E, which people often view with caution.

The producer's French version of the ingredient list, stamped on the can, is the following: "Ingredients: 180 crevettes et plus, eau, sel, sucre, exhausteurs de gout: E621 (glutamate monosodique), acidifiant: E330, antioxygennes: E223, E685".

I don't know if the importer is concsiously hiding the fact that the product contains harmful monosodium glutamate (E621), which causes light forms of addiction, distorts the sense of taste, may cause obesity and is thus not recommended for children. Most people usually don't know what side-effects E621 produces. However, a few months ago there was an article about it on Delfi, the most popular news portal, so quite some people must have read it.

I can never memorise the codes for all of the harmful chemicals, but I try to avoid those that I know. It is very difficult, if not impossible, to avoid E621 if you like herring or chilli nuts.