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Image for (NOW CLOSED) Job offer: cafébabel is hiring Anglophone journalist and community manager - deadline 17 OCTOBER

(NOW CLOSED) Job offer: cafébabel is hiring Anglophone journalist and community manager - deadline 17 OCTOBER

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'Tis a seat that has not been vacant for the past seven years, 'tis a seat which has been duly warmed for you by our outgoing editor...and we are hoping to keep it warm, as soon as we can. Please see the details below for more information and share with any interested young people - native English speakers only! Young blood! Come forth!

The not-for-profit association Babel International aims to promote the emergence of European public opinion. Based in Paris, it runs the online participatory magazine cafébabel, in 6 languages. As the first European online media, founded on 1 February 2001, cafébabel is sustained by a highly motivated team of around 1, 500 volunteers (authors, translators, facilitators), has an online community of around 15, 000 people, and boasts a central editorial team of 10 professionals in Paris. The association organises debates, training courses and feature reports, and trains and supports a team of volunteers across Europe.

cafébabel is hiring:


We are hiring under a 'civic service' contract to:

- run the English language edition of cafébabel

- animate the English-language network 


Any native English language speakers under the age of 26 (imperative), with the desire to be a formative part of a European media association, based in Paris. 

Passionate about media and online culture, you enjoy writing and editing articles.

Experience in the practice of participatory journalism (blogging, internet media) is a plus.

French language skills is a plus.

Knowledge of European affairs and issues affecting young people is essential.  

Why a ‘civic service’ contract?

Civic service’ is a programme run by the French state which is one step up from an internship. 18- to 25-year-olds can work with an organisation to ‘carry out a mission of general interest’. cafébabel’s mission is to promote European citizenship, and to offer a platform for young Europeans to express themselves through participatory journalism. This placement - of a non-renewable, 8-month duration - is open without the condition of having a degree. Your motivation matters.

Your mission

Integrated in the heart of the editorial team of cafébabel in Paris, working under the director of publication and editorial coordinator, your mission consists of:

  • Editing citizen journalist articles. Support volunteer authors (discuss topics, angles, length), edit articles (verify information; improve articles, work on titles). Add illustrations and publish online. Promote articles on social networks.
  • Animating community of volunteer contributors online. On social networks, cafébabel and over email, animate community of contributors (authors, translators, bloggers) disseminate ‘calls for articles’, promote articles on social networks, encourage journalists to write and translate. Maintain relationship with local editorial teams.
  • Contributing to editorial line of a European magazine. Propose original ideas on generational topics to community/ audience. Define editorial content with editors of other language versions. Maintain independent, original tone.
  • Writing and translating articles. Write on generational topics. Translate into your mother tongue. Participate in cafébabel feature reports all over Europe, where you will lead a team of young journalists ‘on the ground’.
  • Actively participating in the life of an association. Contribute to training seminars for volunteers. Participate in events organised by cafébabel.

Your contract & benefits

Civic service contract of 8 months, 35h per week, from 23 October 2013

Monthly salary and benefits of 1088,24€ net.

467,34€ net per month of this sum is from the French state.

450€ net per month is paid for by Babel International, which also covers:

            - travel expenses (Passe Navigo covering 2 zones, amounting to 65,10€)

            - 20 ‘tickets restaurant’ per month (amounting to 105,80€).

Possibility of extra 100€ per month increase for those with proof of ‘RSA’ (French minimum state benefits, ‘active solidarity revenue’).

Address: 226 rue Saint Denis, 75002, Paris, France

Conditions: To be eligible, you must a native English speaker who is under the age of 26, thus born after 23 October 1987.


Apply before 17 October 2013 by email (CV + cover letter & two articles in English) for the attention of Katharina Kloss, editorial coordinator and Nabeelah Shabbir, senior editor, here: and