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News: Economical consequences of the Estonia - Russia crisis

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03.05.07 The Head of the Board of Estonian Railway Kaido Simmermann said that Estonian transit firms will get less transit in May than they had ordered, as some of the transit has allegedly been re-directed through Latvia, Finland and Lithuania.

03.05.07 The head of Estonian candy company Kalev, Mr Oliver Kruuda, announced that all his contracts in Russia have been canceled. 02.

05 Russian oil transit firms rushed to re-direct 1/4 of its transit away from Estonia, as the Russian State-owned Railway Service announced its plans to start reconstruction works on the main railway that heads to Estonia. Some of the transit firms claimed that the Russian rail monopoly refused to let through the quantities of transit that were planned for May earlier, hence the transit firm are looking to redirect the transit via Russian ports at the Finnish gulf or via Ukraine ports at the Black Sea.

Some Russian coal exporters also confirmed that the export of coal via Estonia has nearly stopped as the Russian rail monopoly refused to further provide wagons by asking the transit firm to use their own wagons for transportation. As it was not possible to organize sufficient amount of independent wagons, the export may decrease by 900 000 ton of coal in May, argues coal exporters.

28-29 April. The Russian fifth biggest groceries chain announced that it will boycott Estonian products over the weekend. Allegedly it has some 250 items of Estonian food, drink in its selling list.

Kadri Kukk - Tallinn