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[New Dates] Join us in Ljubljana for a Solutions Journalism Training!

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Cafébabel is organising several Solutions Journalism workshops across Europe to aspiring reporters, students and young journalists. Free and open to all young Europeans, the objective is to experiment with the basics of solutions journalism and learn more about the European Union and its local impact.

[Update 7th September]

Ahoy, ahoy, we have a great opportunity for young Europeans in Slovenia or those living further away but keen to travel!

The next edition of this workshop will take place from Friday 27 (morning) to Sunday 29 October (mid-afternoon) in Ljubljana, Slovenia

It is open to all young Europeans, but priority will be given to young people in Slovenia and in the neighbouring countries’ regions.

At the end of the training, participants are expected to produce their own social media stories, like a Tiktok report. The best reports will be published on Cafébabel's own Tiktok page!

Up to 15 participants will be trained. While most participants are expected to be in in-person for this training, remote attendance may be arranged.

Unfortunately, we cannot take responsibility for unaccompanied minors. Reach out to Pauline ( or whatsapp +33664919683) in case you are underraged so we can explore how to make your participation possible.

How much does it cost? What is covered?

This is a free training!

Food We will provide snacks and lunch everyday to the participants, free of charge. Participants will have to arrange and pay for their dinners.

Transport We will reimburse travel and public transport tickets to and back from Ljubljana, up to 100€ (150€ if you only use buses and/or trains) per participant.

Accommodation We are providing accommodation (for free) in a hotel for two nights (Friday 27 and Saturday 28 October). Participants who need accommodation will be sharing a twin room with another workshop participant. Breakfast will be included.

Planning and details on the programme

Participants are expected to attend the entire programme. Every day includes regular breaks and a one hour lunch break.

  • Day 1 - Friday 27 October 11-18.00

  • Day 2 - Saturday 28 October 10-18.00

  • Day 3 - Sunday 29 October from 10-16.00

The detailed programme and locations will be shared with the participants after registering.

While participants are expected to produce their stories in the languages they want, the training will be provided in English.

But languages should not be an issue! The training is made for participants with a B1/B2 level. During those three days:

Day 1 is really focused on solutions journalism. What is this concept and methodology and how it can be useful to young reporters.

Day 2 we try to link solutions journalism and EU polices and programmes. After a quick reminder of the pillars of solutions journalism, we dive into EU programmes on the ground (with a focus on education, social programmes, environment). As NGOs, companies or other local actors are implementing EU projects to fix local social and environmental problems, here participants will be equipped to look at those stories from a solutions journalism angle.

Day 3 is the production phase. The morning is dedicated to some basics or script writing and social media reporting. And then we go to a more mentoring phase with students looking for their stories, writing their scripts etc. This session can be a bit longer depending on the needs of the students.

"I'm interested, what should I do?"

It is very simple! You just need to fill this form.

This is a first-come-first-served registration. Priority will be given to young people from Slovenia and neighbouring countries’ regions. We will confirm you have a spot for the training after you've submitted your information in this form.

In case you have any questions, you can get in touch with Pauline: by email or phone/whatsapp +33(0)6 64 91 96 83.

Wait, what is solutions journalism? And why it matters?

Solutions Journalism is a journalistic methodology focusing on responses to social and environmental issues as well as the problems. With this methodology, reporters are guiding their audiences on how, for instance, local projects implemented by public authorities, NGOs or companies are tackling social and environmental issues.

The goal of this journalistic approach is to provide readers, viewers and listeners with a more complete view of these issues, helping audiences to be active citizens.

As journalism is now at a cross-road between the rise of social media platforms or disinformation, this reporting methodology aims at also re-connecting journalists with their audiences.

Who we are, and why are we doing that?

This workshop is organised by Babel International, a French non-governmental organisation (NGO) and publisher of Cafébabel, together with the Cohesion Regions Zahodna (Western) and Vzhodna (Eastern) Slovenija.

It is organised as part of the YOUTHopia project, a European Commission-funded project that Babel International is delivering together with the Assembly of European Regions.

Cafébabel is the first multilingual participatory magazine. Our stories revolutionise the way Europe is represented in the media and depict what Europe is in real life. The online magazine is a unique platform in which a network of volunteer authors, translators, filmmakers and photographers work together to report on the daily lives of young Europeans.

As a pan-European communication campaign, YOUTHopia has the goal of raising awareness of Cohesion Policy and its benefits. At the same time, YOUTHopia aims to encourage open dialogue between young people, stakeholders and policy-makers about the future of Cohesion Policy, a discussion that aims to put youth at the forefront of present and future decisions. One of the activities of YOUTHopia is to propose a training where young Europeans interested in journalism, young reporters or European activists can learn and experiment in three days with the basics of Solutions Journalism and how the European Union is funding local and regional projects. This workshop in Ljubljana on 27-29 October will be the fourth and last edition of the training.

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