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Naples: Local Team of the Month

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Kait Bolongaro

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The month of June is the mark of writing Cafebabel Naples. Thanks to their in-depth articles with on important international subjects, but also their work on the ground, they tell the stories of a beautiful and multicultural region plagued by hidden dangers. This Italian team deserves a special mention. Here is your chance to get to know them better.

Cafébabel Napoli has been nom­i­nated as the local team for the month of June. We de­cided to hand over the reins di­rectly to the pro­tag­o­nists to ex­plain more about what hap­pens in Naples. 

In total Ba­belian style, the team from Naples meets in front of a good cup of cof­fee, with agen­das full of notes and full of de­sire to work hard.

The task is large: our work is based on monthly meet­ings that are an oc­ca­sion to meet up and dis­cuss ed­i­to­r­ial ques­tions from the blog, ideas and con­cepts for ar­ti­cles and the lat­est news from Paris. In other words, it's the time in which we try to be se­ri­ous peo­ple who mo­ti­vate our­selves and change some­thing in our city. But there is some­thing else: it's a great ex­cuse to have a re­lax­ing cof­fee with friends!

Our newsroom? Well, like real re­porters, we are al­ways on the look out for news, sto­ries and peo­ple to speak with. The street is our home. This is the only reason why our office is a piazza (and not how you could think, because we don't have a headquarters to meet in). The Bar di Peppe in Piazza Bellini, right in the centre of Napoli, is our general neighbourhood and the people who surround us are also a fundamental part of our story. 

Everyone of us has the same role on the team: a horizontal structure in which anyone can propose stories to write, ideas and much more. Every six months, we select a single person to be responsible for the publications calendar and communication with cafébabel headquarters in Paris. With great serenity, whoever desires can propose themselves as 'Editorial Coordinator'. 

Our ideas? Everything is inspired by the vibrance of Napoli: we love our city and its unique way of being European and multicultural. The ideas that it gives us are endless, and we simply follow along and write about them.

Translated from Napoli, la redazione del mese di cafébabel