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Name the contemporary Chinese star (10 images)

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Agata Jaskot


China is not only a money-making machine running at a breathtaking speed of legendary 10% GDP annual growth. Besides its history of milleniums of antique culture, there are its intellectuals, artists, human rights defenders and art promoters to celebrate

Liu Xiaobo

Born in 1955, the intellectual has surprised the world with his anti-traditional, radically liberal thoughts. Recognised as one of the most prominent defenders of human rights in China, Liu Xiaobo was awarded the nobel peace prize in 2010 (Image via (cc) aktivioslo/ flickr)

Ai Weiwei

Art Review magazine named the activist and dissident the most powerful artist of 2011. Pictured, his work Freedom (Image v(cc) Cain and Todd Benson/ flickr)

Gao Xingjian

The author of satyrical and paradoxical portraits of Chinese society, who has lived in asylum in France since 1988, won the nobel literature prize in 2000 (Image courtesy of (cc) Gao Xingjian's/ facebook)

Gong Li

A diva of the famous film director Zhang Yimou, Gong Li's numerous hollywood appearances (Memoirs of a Geisha, 2005) have made her one of the most popular Chinese actresses worldwide. She has been a citizen of Singapore for four years (Image courtesy of (cc) Gong Li/ facebook)

Zhang Yimou

Born in 1951, Zhang Yimou is part of the so-called 5th generation of contemporary Chinese filmmakers. In 1988 his movie Red Sorghum won the golden bear at the Berlin film festival (Image courtesy of (cc) Berlinale official website)

Lang Lang

A star of the Deutsche Grammophon classical music label, this winner of numerous piano contests all over the world is one of the youngest (born in 1982) artists featured here (Image courtesy of (cc) Lang Lang/ facebook)

Jackie Chan

Born in Hong Kong in 1954, Jackie Chan is most known as an actor, director and producer, but most importantly as a versatile acrobat (Image courtesy of (cc) Jackie Chan/ facebook)

Yao Ming

The former basketball player of the Houston Rockets (NBA) was born in 1980. Yao Ming is probably one of the tallest persons basketball fans at 2.29 meters or 7 foot 6 (Image (cc) Keith Allison/ flickr)

Lucy Liu

Born in the United States, Lucy Liu is an icon of contemporary pop culture. Born to Taiwanese immigrants, the 43-year-old actress and producer has most notably in appeared in Charlie's Angels (2000) and Kill Bill (2003, pictured. Image (cc) still via luvi/ flickr)

Feng Xiaogang

Director Feng Xiaogang's blockbuster Aftershock (2010) was nominated for a best foreign language movie oscar. The million dollar production tells the tragic story of the inhabitants of Tangshan, who were hit by the devastating earthquake of 1976 (Image (cc) coolinsights/ flickr)

Translated from Marionetki w odstawkę - czyli Chińczycy podziwiani w Europie (i nie tylko)