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My last home

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Second Home

Photographer: Tania Gisselbrecht

Home. A place ? A house? A family ? A shelter? A sanctuary ? A moment ? A feeling ? A bond ? Where your feet stand. Everywhere, anywhere.  When you feel alive, connected, at peace. Every time, anytime. Houses get bought and sold. A home stays with you always. Because home is inside. Blissful moments are nothing but your home extensions. Your mother’s embrace, your friends calling your name, the whisper of a soft breeze in the trees, the touch of a hand, the sensation of inner peace, the sweetness of your grandma apple pie, the scent of your lover’s skin, the warm caress of the sun, the smile of happy children… Experience any of these and there is no place on earth you’d rather be. Home is where/when you experience joy and freedom.  Where/when you grow and feel proud of yourself.  Where/when you feel loved and secure.  Where/when you love. Your soul mate, relatives, strangers. Yourself. For home is love, there is no such thing as a second home.  Walls don’t last, love does. Beyond space and time. Without love, one is forever homeless. Istanbul 2012 - 2013

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