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Mind the Gap: changing the conversation about gender equality

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Gender equality is a topic that continues to make newspaper headlines. Cafébabel has decided to tackle this issue by lauching a new project – headed up by Julia Korbik – in order to contribute to changing the conversation surrounding gender equality and contribute to the emergence of a constructive debate.

What is Mind the Gap?

Mind the Gap is cafébabel’s column dedicated to women’s issues. Yes, it may be 2016, but let’s face it: women in Europe are a long way from enjoying the same rights as men. The same goes for other various minority groups: heterosexuality is still considered to be the "norm", with gay and bisexual people being the "exception". Transgender people are in the spotlight more than ever before – but they’re still marginalised and often presented in the context of a "woman turned man" or vice versa. Thus we are far from a level playing field when it comes to equality.

Media has the power to tell multifaceted stories, highlighting different experiences and to change the conversation surrounding gender equality. Mind the Gap aims to do just that, by putting diverse stories about women from all over Europe front and centre. While women are the main focus of Mind the Gap, we of course also want to cover stories about, and from, the LGBTQ community (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning).

And who would be better equipped to do this than the multilingual European online magazine cafébabel? For 15 years now cafébabel has been giving a voice to Europe’s youth. People from all over Europe write for the magazine, share their stories and contribute to a European public sphere. Since its foundation in 2001, cafébabel has become a unique voice in the European mediascape, sending young "on the ground" reporters to uncover exciting narratives, whilst offering a wide array of topics, including gender. Mind the Gap now intends to specifically highlight this topic.

Who can write for Mind the Gap?

Everybody interested in gender topics. (Yes, that includes men!)

How can I become a writer for Mind the Gap?

It’s absolutely easy: create a profile on the cafébabel website and get going (if you’re not already part of the cafébabel community). Whenever you write an article about women’s issues, gender issues etc. propose it to the Mind the Gap group. The cafébabel editors will have a look at it and publish it if everything is fine.

Are you in need of topics, ideas and inspiration for articles? Do you want to pitch a story? Get in touch!

Who is in charge of Mind the Gap?

Julia Korbik, a German freelance journalist based in Berlin. She mainly writes about feminism, politics and culture. In 2014 she published an introduction to feminism for young women: Stand Up. Feminismus für Anfänger und Fortgeschrittene.

Julia was a cafébabel intern in Paris in 2010 and has been an active member of the community ever since. In Berlin she’s vice-president of Babel Germany.